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Birmingham to become national centre of illiteracy

Because one idiot councillor is too stupid to know how to use apostrophes, our city's signs are not going to have them any more (or so he thinks). Well done Martin Mullaney, just what we need, the whole world thinking that Birmingham people are thick. As if we don't have enough people who believe that already. Your 'reasons' for making signs with mistakes on are fatuous; not one of them stands up to examination.

Thankfully, white paint and black marker pens are in good supply here in Birmingham, so the signmakers may be forced to look stupid, but many of us won't let this illiteracy blight our city for long. I feel a very visible direct action campaign coming on.

In the name of the goddess Lynne Truss, this is war!

Coming soon from Birmingham City Council:
Maths - it's "a bit difficult" for some people, so Birmingham's schools are dropping it.

Speed limits - some drivers find it "a bit confusing" that they change, so we won't bother having them.

Save us from the idiots. They are taking over.

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