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Songs to mark a momentous day

'Blind Vision' - Blancmange

'Sight For Sore Eyes' - M People

After many weeks of headaches, culminating last week in the most severe migraine I've ever experienced (for six days at its most intense) and a fortnight off work, the inevitable has happened. The lovely Boots optician has informed me today that I need glasses for reading and being on the PC. I always suspected this day would come, as my sister, both parents and all four grandparents are/were spectacle wearers, but it still came as a shock today, even after 42 years! I have therefore been railroaded into choosing two pairs of frames very quickly. It was a badly-considered, rushed decision, so I will probably decide I don't like them when I get them next week. I have also been relieved of two hundred pounds. What a day.

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