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Where in the world?

Chig has been away, to the city that is mourning the loss of one of its musical legends yesterday, but will be celebrating later today when an act from the city claims the UK's number one album spot.

Where has Chig been? Answers in the comments, if you please.

ANSWER: Yes, it was Dublin.
EXPLANATION: The headline news in Ireland on Saturday was the death of Ronnie Drew, the founder of legendary band The Dubliners, at the age of 73.

In the UK, The Dubliners had two bouts of chart success, twenty years apart. They had three hits in 1967, then returned to the top ten in 1987 with this 'duet' with The Pogues on the old classic, 'The Irish Rover'.

On Sunday, the newest stars to emerge from Dublin, The Script, entered the UK album chart at number one, as both of their singles climbed back up the charts too. 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved' went back up one to its previous peak of #3 (and is currently poised at #2 in the midweeks). Previous single 'We Cry', which made #15 in May, leaps from #55 to #33.

It has taken the guys a long time to reinvent themselves from their former incarnation, the boyband Mytown, which included, I believe, two current members of The Script. It's nine years since this made #22 in the UK. 'Party All Night' was Mytown's only UK hit. Check out those jackets! Even in 1999, they weren't cool.

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