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I never thought I'd say this....

but well done David Davis! Something needed to be done about yesterday's appalling Commons vote against our civil liberties, and he has done something. Thank goodness someone will stand up against people being held in prison for six weeks without being charged, when we have so many lily-livered Labour MPs who were prepared to be herded through the lobbies yesterday, aided by nine DUP MPs who proved crucial to the vote.

I always thought that there was no way I would ever vote for a Conservative, but if I lived in his constituency, I would suppport him in the by-election that he has triggered, especially as the Lib Dems have just announced that they will not field a candidate. Excellent.

Thankfully, my own Labour MP, Roger Godsiff, was one of the 34 Labour members who voted against 42 day detention yesterday. If he had supported the measure, he would have been signing his own political suicide note, as far as this constituency is concerned. He nearly lost a safe seat last time to Respect and his future hangs in the balance here.

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