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44 años de daño han terminado para España

¡Ole! ¡Ole! ¡Ole! ¡Ole! .... ¡Y Viva España!

A thoroughly deserved win tonight for Spain in the Euro 2008 final. I don't even mind about the money. It had been 44 years since Spain's football team won anything significant (when they won this competition in 1964), so it's about time and no one will begrudge them their win, as they finally put to bed their reputation as perennial underachievers in football tournaments. The stats speak for themselves; 12 goals scored and only 3 conceded across their six matches, due in no small part to goalie and captain Iker Casillas. That's him holding the cup above - and a bonus picture here, for Adrian, who picked him out as one of the hunks of the tournament.

It's been 39 years since Spain won Eurovision. Perhaps they could have a serious go at that next? In a timely news story, it's interesting to note that the last person who was seen as a serious Spanish hope for winning the song contest, namely Rosa in 2002, last night became the first person chosen to represent their country in both the Eurovision Song Contest and the Eurovision Dance Contest. She won the right to dance for Spain later this year in yesterday's final, with her male partner to be chosen at a later date.

España...¡Baila! ¡Baila! ¡Baila!

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