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That's Not My Name*

The most amusing thing happened to me yesterday. I'm going on a stag weekend, this Friday to Sunday. (Yes, then flying to Zurich and Belgrade at 8am on Monday. It could all end in tears, or broken limbs, or vomiting. I know.)

Now I've known the marrying couple for about six years, I think. But yesterday I had a call from the groom, to ask one very simple question.

He wanted to know my real name! (For the organisers of one of the activities we're doing.)

Some people have only ever known me as Chig, and as he is also one of the few people I know who has resisted the facebook revolution, my real name has never been an issue. How very modern.

* And the fantastic single of that name, by the Ting Tings, is currently Number One after yesterday's sales, holding off Madonna and JT. Hurrah!

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