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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's next few favourite songs

Now then, my PC has decided to choose today, of all days, to go on a go-slow. It's making strange rumbling noises and frequently refusing to load webpages, as if the memory is full, which it isn't.

Therefore, I am going to take some shortcuts and just post the next batch of songs with minimal details, if any, to save all the time which has been lost today. I have packing to do, for a weekend away and then for Belgrade on Monday, but I will complete my list of this year's Eurovision songs up to the top five. These will not be revealed until (almost definitely) next Tuesday afternoon, when I will be in the Media Centre in the Sava Centar in Belgrade. (It's not a supermarket; that's the name of the building next to the Beogradksa Arena where the journalists and their beanbags are being housed.

The thinking behind this is pure laziness and disorganisation so that we can have a COMPETITION! Details will follow after I've done song number 6, if the PC will allow more YouTubing.

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