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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's favourite song

Norway - 'Hold On, Be Strong' - Maria (Haukaas Storeng)

Apparently, having a surname in Eurovision is problematic, so Maria shortened her name between winning the Norwegian final and coming to Eurovision. I was so pleased to see this do well last night. We now know that Maria came 4th in the first semi-final, justifying my faith in this song. There's always room for a simple song, done simply in Eurovision, and this proved to be the one that people went for, even if they did develop a routine around it. The Norwegian final performance was much simpler, as you can see here:

It has been suggested (mainly by people in relationships), that it's only us single people who really relate to this song, but I liked it without taking much notice of the lyric, to be honest, apart from the title. On deeper analysis however, it does have some personal relevance, which just makes me love it even more. This was a great way to end the show last night. Well done Maria on coming 5th and being the top Scandinavian country, top 'Western' country and top 'old Eurovision' country. Here's last night's performance:

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