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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 3rd favourite song

Ukraine - 'Shady Lady' - Ani Lorak

All things considered, this may be my absolute favourite now, in terms of overall song and performance, but we'll stick to the order I had decided on before coming out here. I had to overcome a natural aversion to any song with the word 'lady' in it at first, as it's not a word I would ever use. Woman, yes. Lady, no. I have forgiven Ani because the pop song is great and she sells it like no other, with this year's best dancers, who I'm so happy to say I chatted to in London last month. (Sacha and Bogdan, at least.)

I'll be very happy if this wins and my third trip to Ukraine is on the cards. On the second trip, last December, the first advertising hoardings I saw in the taxi from the airport were for Ani Lorak's new album. I wondered then if she would be picked for Eurovision this year and she was announced a few days after I returned. Is it fate? Here's Thursday's stunning performance.

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