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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 33rd favourite song

FYR Macedonia - 'Let Me Love You' - Tamara, Vrcak & Adrijan

When this won the national final in FYR Macedonia, I was at Glitterball Mansions, so we weren't allowed to hear more than a few seconds of it, as it includes rap, which isn't allowed there. However, I saw enough to think it was a shambolic mess of wailing, rapping and poor lighting. Judge for yourself.

However, there are two reasons that this hasn't appeared further down my list. The first is that the bloke in the hat looks like he might be quite hot, which makes it bearable to watch. The second is that they have tidied up their act, changed the lyric to English for Eurovision and produced a slick, MTV-friendly video (with some men-with-shirts-off moments). What an improvement! I still have the feeling that we get this kind of rhythm from FYR Macedonia every year though.

This lot managed a lucky draw, so they'll perform 18th of nineteen in the second semi-final. However, as the country widely perceived to have benefited most from ex-Yugo voting (making the final from the qualifier every year, then crashing and burning in the final), it will be interesting to see if the EBU's cunning ploy of putting half their neighbours in the other semi-final, now unable to vote for them, will kill off their chances.

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