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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 31st favourite song

The Netherlands - 'Your Heart Belongs To Me' - Hind

By an astonishing coincidence that almost beggars belief, on the day that I fly to Amsterdam for the weekend, we reach the Dutch song. Amazing. It's almost as if this sudden flurry of songs in the last 24 hours has been designed solely to get to this point. Ahem.

In theory, I should be loving a pop song like this with Middle Eastern influences, but it just doesn't grab me. It's more Holly Pillowcase than Holly Valance. The song doesn't really add up to the sum of its parts and has made very little impression on me. It comes and goes and feels to me like one of this year's fillers.

The singer's name is not 'Hind, rhymes with lined'; it's 'Hind, rhymes with binned'. And I think she will be, as she's going to seem like a pale imitation of the Armenian song before her and she'll be followed by the Finnish metallers, who will blow all memories of this Dutch song into dust within seconds.

And with that, we're off for a friend's 40th birthday weekend of debauchery, liver damage and museums in Amsterdam. Back late on Monday. Have a great Bank Holiday weekend (if you're in a country that's having one).

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