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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 2nd favourite song

14:45 Belgrade time (13:45 BST)

I'm back in the press centre, in the one room left open for us to use, as technicians are ripping wiring out of the ceiling cavities and PCs are being removed from the other rooms. I've just made my purchases from the souvenir shop and it's all rather sad. I'm determined to finish this before I leave Beograd though. I had to rush away for our planned pre-final meeting last night, and still didn't have a ticket, but it all turned out for the best and I had a fantastic evening, of which more later and during the week. I only have half an hour left in here, so let's crack on.

Bosnia & Herzegovina - 'Pokušaj' - Laka

This brother and sister act have provided the best entertainment for me this week and the Serbian crowd outside the town hall, where we were last night, lapped it up. This song has provided priceless moments in the Euroclub this week, including one particular night, possibly Thursday, where they played it and, at the moment it speeds up dramatically, everyone on the dancefloor ran around wildly, as these two do, with no regard for the consequences. I ended up whacking a Spanish friend squarely in the face with my arm, but he was too drunk to care. Oh, how we laughed! I was in hysterics after watching everyone. It was a magical Eurovision moment.

I was surprised Laka didn't do better in the scoring, both last night, where he finished 10th and in the semi-final (9th). I really thought this would have been top 4 last night, and may have won. But what do I know? Here's last night's wonderful performance for posterity:

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