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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 29th favourite song

Firstly, let's welcome 'plucky little San Marino' (as Wogan will probably not get the chance to say, when they don't appear in the final). Their début entry is one of three songs in Italian this year - and still no Italy! (Romania and Switzerland - I read your mind.)

I'd love to like this. They're a proper band. Some of them at least are from the tiny country. It's bringing the variety we need to Eurovision. Alas, the song is dreary. It starts, it drones on for three minutes at the same tempo, it ends. A shame. I've heard some of their other stuff and it's no better. Some people have compared them to Placebo, which is an insult to one of my favourite bands.

San Marino - 'Complice' - MioDio

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