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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 27th favourite song

The Czech Republic made their glorious entry into Eurovision only last year, a mere fourteen years after their divorced partners Slovakia made theirs - and nine years after Slovakia gave up. (There must have been something about Birmingham that they didn't like in 1998. I hope it wasn't me, as I did have a chat with the disappointed Katarina Hasprová, moments after her heroic 21st out of 25 had been achieved.)

Unfortunately, only a few hundred people in Estonia noticed the Czechs last year, giving grizzly rockers Kabát their only point and leaving them 28th and bottom of the 2007 qualifier.

So, a complete change of tack from the Czechs this year, with a bright, poppy song. At least it was to start with, but somewhere between Prague and Belgrade, the song has had all the life and energy kicked out of it. The amusing video was the first clue. It's notable only for the William Higgins twinks who have popped into Teresa's café as a break from filming porn in nearby Bratislava, the spooling backwards bit (which has gone now anyway) and the alarming lack of health and safety regulations. A dog! In a café!

Czech Republic - 'Have Some Fun' - Tereza Kerndlová

Sadly, there was then a rehearsal yesterday. This is not going to the final.

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