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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 25th favourite song

Finland - 'Missä miehet ratsastaa' - Teräsbetoni

We've reached my top 25, so in theory we should be seeing the finalists, as there are 25 of them. However, this Finnish entry probably won't make it to the final and the UK and German songs are already below, but have their guaranteed slots of doom in the final anyway, so I'd take no notice if I were you.

This could hardly be more different from the syrupy Belgian slop below. The Finns go for the rock option for the third year in a row, if we include Hanna last year as 'poppy Goth rock'. This ain't no Lordi pantomime though. This is the real deal, played straight, sounding just like Saxon used to in the early 1980s. More power to their elbow, I say. They will apparently be performing shirtless. Sadly, I am saving myself for the Ukrainian dancers and the Romanian singer, but thanks anyway lads.

Here's the promo. It starts as an epic, but then the money ran out.

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