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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 21st favourite song

Greece - 'Secret Combination' - Kalomira

One of two acts this year to change the spelling of their name temporarily so that us foreigners can pronounce it. (She's normally spelt Kalomoira, which is still pronounced Kalomira in Greek, and she will be again.)

There's nothing wrong with this; it's fairly good Greek pop, but we've heard it all before, too many times in recent years. She's no Helena Paparizou, although I think the shaven-headed dancer in this performance from the Greek final is one of Helena's:

This should make the final easily, as it's performed last in the first semi-final. After that, it may make top ten, as this song usually does, but not much higher this time around.

I think the Greeks ran out of money before they even started making the promo, as this looks like it cost about fifty quid:

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