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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 20th favourite song

For all I wrote about this before and despite the way it prevented La Casa Azul with one of my favourite songs of the year from winning in Spain, it's not as bad now as I thought it was.

Spain - 'Baila El Chiki Chiki' - Rodolfo Chikilicuatre

What was originally only 1m 40s long is now a whole minute longer and for all that people dismiss it as a load of nonsense, it's actually one of the wordiest songs in the contest. It's worth examining the lyric here and reading the multitude of footnotes to get all of the references. Some of it is quiet funny and topical, so I can see why Spain voted for it.

Of course, it's all in Spanish, but Alf Poier managed to come 6th in 2003 with a song in an Austrian dialect of German. If you can make people laugh, the language doesn't matter. Spain has also just had a TV contest to pick the extra backing dancers for this, so they're definitely milking it, despite Rodolfo belonging to a competitor TV channel, La Sexta, to the state channel TVE, which is actually entering Eurovision for Spain.

I think this will be the highest placed of the Big 4 countries, probably top 10. With the wind in the right direction, it could be top five.

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