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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 19th favourite song

In 2003, Ukraine made their Eurovision début with a song called 'Hasta La Vista'. With a title like that, it was inevitable we'd be seeing it again, so my number 19 song this year is;

Belarus - 'Hasta La Vista' - Ruslan Alehno

It's possible that never before have both the song and the singer gone through such changes along the path from national final to Eurovision. In the Belarussian final, Ruslan Alehno was a cleancut '80s throwback with a naff haircut, singing a pop song:

Since then, he has been nicely roughed up and the song has been turned into a soft rock number. He definitely looks better, as we could see in the flesh at the Scala party last month. (See my photo above.) Opinion is divided over whether or not the song has improved. It's quite immediate and the staging wasn't over-complicated in yesterday's rehearsal (below), but why is he standing on sea urchins? I still prefer Ukraine's 'Hasta La Vista' anyway.

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