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So there you have it, 38 of this year's songs, leaving just my favourite five to be revealed, after I get to Beograd tomorrow. (I'll probably reveal them on Tuesday afternoon, before the first semi-final.) This is where the competition comes in. The top 5 is settled. It's not exactly in a golden envelope, but it's in an Excel list along with all the others, which I am about to put onto a memory stick and take to Serbia with me.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work out which five countries haven't appeared on my list yet, then put them in my order in the comments box below, from 1 (my favourite song) to 5 (my fifth favourite song). You're guessing what you think my favourites are. You're not predicting the results, and nor am I. Go for it! The prize will be some unwanted rubbish from my Eurovision pigeon-hole which is small enough to carry back.

And with that, it's bed, Birmingham airport at 6am, Zurich airport and then Belgrade, with two countries' parties to attend as soon as I get to the city centre tomorrow. It's going to be a hell of a long day. Expect news on here on Tuesday. Farewell, mes amis!

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