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10 years ago today

Happy Europe Day! Which can only mean one thing...

It is, incredibly, ten years ago today that Dana International won Eurovision, two months after I had interviewed her for a double page article in Gay Times. Even better, she won it on a gloriously sunny day, just down the road from my house and we were on the front row of the balcony watching it all happen before our very eyes.

It was my first Eurovision and a very, very special day.

As if it wasn't exciting enough anyway, Israel only won on the last vote of the last country. Let's relive the tense final moments of the voting. What you have to remember at this point is that FYR Macedonia were brand new to this game, voting last in their début contest. We didn't realise then what we know now. Of course they were going to give 12 to Croatia. At the time though, we thought Dana International hadn't won, because we thought FYR Macedonia's douze points were going to Malta. When the 12 went to Israel, I was screaming and jumping up and down on the balcony like a mad thing. Happy days.

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