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We're going Serbian tomorrow....

Tomorrow, it will be exactly one month (30 days) until Chig goes to Beograd for Eurovision.

So, it's about time we started reviewing the songs, isn't it? With YouTube videos and trivia and stuff and the opportunity for us all to learn some Serbian along the way. Oh yes. (I won a Serbian-English dictionary last month. I feel a need to use it.)

I've decided to ignore such banal concepts as semi-finals and running order and do something far more self-indulgent instead. So, we'll be revealing the songs in reverse order of fabulousness, according to me! Starting with the shite. Sadly, with 43 songs in the contest this year, there is quite a bit of shite to get through first. Non-fans will despair to hear that this is far from a vintage year, despite the largest number of entries ever. I am struggling to find ten songs I really like. However, bear with us and grit your teeth. There is still plenty of entertainment to be had. And it will get slightly better each day.

Friday's fun pop quiz:
Who has plumbed the very depths this year? Which song is the 43rd bestest tune in this year's Eurovision songfest? Place your bets now...

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