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It's the UK vs. France. Andy Abraham's Eurovision single has appeared on the release schedules at last, for 12 May. Intriguingly, the schedules say that Sébastien Tellier's 'Divine', the French entry for Eurovision, is getting a physical UK release that day too, although 7digital think the digital single is released on 19 May, so one of the sources must be wrong as the physical would never be out a week before the downloads.

Even so, when did another country's Eurovision entry get a physical release in this country BEFORE the contest? (I don't know the answer. I'm asking you.)

Jo Whiley played Tellier's entry in full on Radio 1 on Thursday 3 April, along with a bit of Dima Bilan's Russian entry, because it's produced by Timbaland. Dustin The Turkey's Irish entry was also played in full on Radio 1, just after it was chosen. I can't remember two other countries' songs ever being played in full on Radio 1 before the contest. Unless you know better...

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