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EXCLUSIVE! Andy Abraham pulls out

A tide of moderate disappointment is about to sweep through the country's Eurovision fans as I can exclusively reveal that Andy Abraham has withdrawn from his most important singing engagement this year. Yes, his pre-Eurovision performance in May at Birmingham's Nightingale club, which had already been advertised, has been called off because he has pulled out.

It brings the Nightingale's fantastic support for our Eurovision entrants to an end (or it's just a blip until next year). At least the last six UK entrants have performed at the club just prior to going away to the contest. Scooch, Daz Sampson, Javine, James Fox, Jemini and Jessica Garlick have all contributed to what had become a very welcome tradition.

(If anyone can tell me if Lindsay D did it too in 2001, then this possibly stretches to eight consecutive years, because I'm fairly sure Nicki French did it too in 2000.)

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