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Something very strange happened as I was driving home from work tonight. I was listening to Radio 2 in the car, as you do. Bob Harris Country was on. I was waiting at a roundabout when Bob Harris introduced a track by American teenager Anthony Da Costa*, called 'Dolly & Porter'. At the exact moment that he said the title, a car came round the roundabout with the contrived registration JOL33N. The threes were squared off, to make them look even more like backwards letter Es. And yes, Da Costa's song is very specifically about Dolly Parton. Harris followed it up by playing a track by Dolly herself, while I followed the Joleen car for quite a while on my way home. Despite the slightly different spelling, that's freaky.

(Dolly Parton was the mentor on American Idol two days ago and performed some religious tripe on last night's results show. There's clearly something in the air.)

* Not to be confused with ex-Blue boy and 2006 MYMU contender, Antony Costa.

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