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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 42nd favourite song

If you watch the televote results at the beginning of this clip from Lithuania's national final, you'll see that this song only won by a very marginal 432 votes. If only 433 other people had bothered to vote, we would have been spared this. The elements are there for it to be a half decent song. It aspires to be an epic musicals-type number, but comes out a horrible mess, with any potential that the song may have had murdered by the singing. At times, this is just painful to hear and woefully out of tune. How Lithuania came to be won over by a scary man with horrible hair and a pirate shirt, I will never know. Thankfully, we have some much more entertaining pirates coming up later on from neighbouring Latvia.

This Lithuanian entry will be performed fifth in the second semi-final. Unless the song, the singing and the presentation have gone through a major revamp before next month, there's not a chance we'll be seeing Jeronimas in the final.

Lithuania - 'Nomads In The Night' - Jeronimas Milius

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