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Eurovision 2008 - Chig's 36th favourite song

Poland - 'For Love' - Isis Gee

I love a big ballad, but this is a plodding ballad. It takes many, many plays for this song to get into your head, so it's doomed. It was great to see Isis at the Eurovision party at the Scala last Friday, but of all the acts who performed, hers is my least favourite song.

We watched the Polish final and I freely admit I didn't see this winning. Unfortunately, the pop vote was stretched between two songs, from Man Meadow and Sandra Oxenryd, whose 'Superhero' is one of my favourite non-winning contenders of any country this year. Here's what we could have had instead.

'Viva La Musica' - Man Meadow
(Polish finalist)

'Superhero' - Sandra Oxenryd
(Polish finalist)

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