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Eurovision 2008 - the 40th best song - guest edition

Estonia - 'Leto Svet' - Kreisiraadio

Today's choice comes from birthday boy Chris. I asked him for three possibilities for his 'worst song of the 40 left' and this was the one nearest the bottom of my own list. (It was coming tomorrow anyway.) Chris gave a succinct and accurate reason for choosing this; "Because it is embarrassing drivel". Indeed it is. Thank you for your choice.

Sadly for Chris, my penchant for "overdramatic mock operatic falsetto shite" knows no bounds, so we'll be seeing one of his other contenders much higher up the list, I'm afraid (and his third choice, Spain, much sooner). There's no accounting for taste, which brings us back to Estonia.

This sad combination of Harry Enfield's Scousers and a fat Jonathan Ross cruised to victory in the ten song Estonian final, with 49.3% of the vote. (Seven of the ten songs scored below 2.5% each, such was the unanimity of the Estonian public on the top three.) Kreisiraadio (which I presume is pronounced 'Crazy Radio') are well-known comedians in Estonia. The song is shite, but that doesn't matter. It's also very catchy, and it's the song that the BBC played twice in Eurovision - Your Decision when Wogan's scriptwriters warned that it might be a winner. I'm not so sure about that, but it might do well if it makes the final. The only glimmer of hope is that they secured a bad draw, so they will perform third in the first semi-final after Montenegro and Israel, who we've already seen. We can only hope that Europe won't wake up in time to notice Estonia.

Let's watch the much more interesting song which came second in Estonia's Eurolaul with 29.1% and pretend that this won instead.

Iiris Vesik - 'Ice Cold Story'

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