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Envy & Other Sins' album out today

This is the début album from Envy & Other Sins, winners of T4's Mobile Act Unsigned competition. It is released today. It would probably enhance your life if you bought it. The fact that they all live here in Birmingham and the drummer lives next door to my mate Steve, just up the road in Moseley, is a happy twist of fate. I was loving them anyway in the T4 competition. I interviewed them on Saturday for the May edition of a magazine which possibly has the smallest circulation of any publication for which they've done an interview; Moseley's B13 magazine. Nevertheless, it was an afternoon in the pub, which was very entertaining (and probably the easiest interview I've ever done). It also helped to distract me from watching the nightmare that was unfolding on the screens in Patrick Kavanagh's on Saturday, where Villa were being obliterated 4-0 by Man United. Not pretty.

The album features their smash Top 65 hit, Highness, which would have been a bigger hit if anyone at Radio 1 had ears and had bothered to put it on their playlist. Or, more specifically, if Jo Whiley hadn't been on the panel for Mobile Act Unsigned and therefore had to avoid the conflict of interest which would have arisen if she'd played the single more than the one time she actually did. (There are rumours that Radio 1 played it twice, but these remain unconfirmed.)

'We Leave At Dawn' is available here from HMV.

Other purveyors of gramophonic recordings are available.

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