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What better day than Good Friday for watching 'Crucified' by Army Of Lovers? This camp classic only managed to tickle the underbelly of the chart in 1992, scraping its way to #31 on re-issue, having failed to chart on first release.

Alexander Bard, the blond bloke in Army of Lovers, later went on to form Bodies Without Organs, now BWO, who Sweden foolishly chose last week not to send to Belgrade, despite being the obvious choice for a good Eurovision result.

Some people have claimed that Portugal's Eurovision entry this year, despite being nothing like 'Crucified' in musical style, bears a passing resemblance to it, tune-wise. What do you think? I can hear a little bit of it, but not much. Still, it's an excuse to post this video of Portugal's performance. Thanks to them getting lucky on Monday at the Eurovision draw, Portugal were able to choose their performance slot in their semi-final and wisely chose to sing last. This means that the show really won't be over until the fat lady sings. Ta-dah! (Paddy, if you get the gig, the line's yours if you want it.)

I give you Vânia Fernandes and 'Senhora do mar' (Woman of the sea). (Not to be confused with this year's Latvian entry, 'Wolves of the Sea' by Pirates of the Sea. As if you would.)

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