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You Keep Me Hangin' On For 21 Bleeding Years

Leona Lewis is bleeding well Number One in America! Well done. It's quite an achievement, as the first video below was the last single by a British woman to make number one in the States. Twenty-one years ago! Kim Wilde's achievement in 1987 was all the sweeter for her because she never topped the charts in the UK at all, with singles or albums. 'You Keep Me Hangin' On' made #2 for two weeks here in 1986, blocked by the theme from Top Gun, before it topped the US chart in June the next year. Her 'Kids In America' début also made #2 here.

Poor Kim can't even claim a number one via the original Band Aid single, because she wasn't on it, possibly because her career was big before and after 1984, but in 1984 itself was having a bit of a dip. Or maybe it was because Geldof and Ure failed to invite any women who weren't in Bananarama or, er, Shalamar.

Anyway, this song is fab, and so is 'Bleeding Love'. What a great excuse to post Leona's stunning performance from this year's Brit Awards. The choreography is amazing, which can't quite be said for Kim Wilde's efforts. Watch the beginning and cringe. I think she's left the hangers in that jacket.

Kim Wilde - You Keep Me Hangin' On (The Wide Awake Club - 1986)

Leona Lewis - 'Bleeding Love' (The Brit Awards - 2008)

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