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I Feel The Earth Move (part 2)

Again! After being shaken and scared by the earthquake in September 2002, I never thought it would happen again! I was in bed again, listening to Five Live again, and thought that my next door neighbour was engaging in some late night furniture moving. It sounded like a set of shelves had fallen down in his bedroom on the other side of the wall, but my bed shook for rather too long. I got up and walked around the house, in case the boiler had exploded or something like that. Looked out of the windows, but no one was outside, so I went back to bed and listeners to Five Live were already reporting an earthquake, from Consett in County Durham, to Cheltenham, to London. An American seismology survey reprted it a few minutes later as a 4.7 tremor, which has now (at 06:20) been upgraded to 5.3, centred on Market Rasen in Lincolnshire (where I once slept overnight in a tent on the racecourse, but that's another story). I have to go to work now, after about 4 hours' sleep. Oh great.

So, did the Earth move for you?


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