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A deserving winner

Well done to Edinburgh's John Loughton for winning Big Brother's Celebrity Hijack tonight. He deserved to win, but I wouldn't have minded who won really, of the six who were left tonight. They've been the most interesting bunch of Big Brother housemates for several years and this has been one of the best series of Big Brother ever. I don't want to see fame-hungry idiots arguing and swearing. I want to see interesting people getting along, joining in with the tasks and interacting positively with each other. That's exactly what we've had for the last month and it's been a breath of fresh air for the BB format. The celebrities have mainly been interesting too.

The Channel 4 group made just one mistake. This series should never have been hidden away on E4. They were overly cautious after last year's race rumpus. I'm sure I'm not the only one who just forgot to watch this series some nights. This bunch of people deserved a bigger audience. That aside, well done to all involved and goodbye Dermot, you'll be missed.

This is the first series of Bib Broither where we can be pretty sure we'll be hearing from most of the contestants again for all the best reasons, as they will no doubt go on to be even more successful in their chosen fields. I particularly look forward to seeing what Amy comes up with next as I think she's fascinating.

Finally, just because we can, here are a couple of souvenirs of Big Brother's Celebrity Hijack; two images of Anthony Ogogo. Knock yourself out!


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