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Auf Wiedersehen / Hej!

As of 19:00 tonight, Chig has finished working for his employer of the last five years.

There will now be a long weekend off.

On Tuesday, Chig will go back to the same office, with the same people, to do the same job, for the same salary...BUT WITHOUT THE MOBILE PHONE BENEFITS AND THE UNLIMITED, FREE MOBILE INTERNET! Waaaaaah! Sob, sob.

And relax.

For we have been TUPEed. Sold off. Sub-contracted en masse. Instead of working for the UK arm of a German-owned multinational, we will now be working for the UK arm of a Swedish multinational, contracting our services back to the UK arm of the German multinational. Without the phone benefits.

Time will tell whether or not this proves to be a good move.


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