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Mystic Chig strikes again

Monday night. Just back from another brilliant Cardiff Mardi Gras weekend and absolutely cream crackered, but couldn't resist checking who won the Mr Gay UK final on Friday night. (Oddly, no one in Cardiff seemed to know. Or be bothered.) The regular reader (yes, that's you) may recall what I wrote (below) at lunchtime on Friday:

We're not overly impressed with this year's bunch, to be honest, but we'll go with Mr Blackpool to win it on home turf.

Guess what? He did. Congratulations to Dani Broughton (right), who has a webpage (of sorts) here and an official photo here.

The Guardian wrote an amusing preview of the Mr Gay UK final here.

I was, of course, thrilled with Brian's deserved win in Big Brother on Friday, and all six of my predictions from earlier in the week were within one place of the results, with third and fourth spot on. Thanks to Diamond Geezer for the washing machine update (see comments below) and thanks to Mark for supplying me with text messages at every stage of the Big Brother final, while as I was at a formal dinner for the Cardiff Lions rugby club. I intend to watch all of the weekend's Big Brother and BBLB on 4OD later this week.

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