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Music I've played this year on my PC

Music I've played this year on my PC
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Here's an interesting graphic representation of all the tagged music I've played on my PC so far this year. It's best viewed by clicking on it to see it in flickr, as it's a huge file. (Go to 'All Sizes', then 'Original'.)

This was created on lastgraph, using the data from my profile (chig66) at It's an interesting and colourful experiment, which shows that the music I've played on my PC this year peaked around Eurovision time in May. Funny that. As an overview of my musical tastes, it also shows the diversity quite nicely, but it's flawed because it doesn't show the music I play in other machines (CD players and the television - yes, really), which is more likely to be whole albums, rather than individual MP3s. It also doesn't show those albums, like Marc Almond's latest, Stardom Road, which aren't tagged properly and resolutely refuse to log their tracks when I play them on my PC.

Thanks to Signori Bitful for his assistance. His own graph is here.

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