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'Jingle Bell Rock' must be the second single...

...because the inevitable has happened. Be very afraid. The Big Brother twins have recorded 'Barbie Girl' to unleash upon the world. (No mention of Samanda using Brian for the male vocals, as they performed it in the Big Brother garden.)

However, this is not our major concern. What bothers me is the utter tripe that comes in the press release for this today. Two quotes from Sony BMG. Both of them PR bollocks of the highest order:

"A spokesman for record company Sony BMG, which has signed up the twins, said: "It is a measure of how much viewers identified with the twins that they were the only Big Brother contestants never to have been nominated for a single eviction."
Excuse me? How much viewers identified with the twins? How did the viewers have any influence over who the housemates nominated? The person who wrote this must think that viewers choose who faces eviction in Big Brother. The fool. The lack of nominations just proved that they weren't unpopular amongst their fellow housemates, that's all. It had bugger all to do with how us viewers perceived them (and I would have voted to evict them at the first opportunity, had we been given the chance).

Second quote:

"They are also the only Big Brother contestants ever to have signed with a major record company. Superstardom beckons for them."
Only time will tell whether or not the twins manage to fulfil that final sentence and become the new Cheeky Girls, which we soooooo obviously need, but the first bit is rubbish. Obviously Sony BMG is massive, but WEA (Warners) isn't exactly small, and that's who released Craig's Top 14 Christmas smash, 'At This Time Of Year', after he won the first Big Brother in 2000.

But hold on, which label released his housemate Nichola Holt's 'The Game'; the very first single released by a Big Brother contestant? (It set the world on fire for one week at #72.) Well, well, well, it was only RCA/BMG (as it was then). Not only are Sony BMG telling porkies today, they're lying about themselves! It's a valuable warning, that we should never believe any PR guff from the music business any PR company whatsoever.

Footnote: Chig is unable to establish whether or not Deano & Bubble's football anthem 'Standing Tall' was on a major label, because:
(a) There's an inexplicable gap between the Deacon Blue and Death In Vegas singles, where this one should be.
(b) Incredible as it may seem, their England anthem didn't trouble the Top 75, despite my misguided purchase, so it's not listed in the Guinness book or on

Let's watch the video instead:

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