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Billiam, it was really something

Congratulations are due to our chums down the road at Chig's second home, the Nightingale Club, who have scored a top forty hit single today in week one of their first release as a record label. Nightingale Records has been formed specially for the release of 'Beautiful Ones', the debut for boyband Billiam. (Catalogue number = NIGHTINGALE1.) The single was released last Monday (17th) and enters the chart today at #32. This seems quite impressive considering that;

(a) boybands aren't exactly flavour of the month these days
(b) it's a first release on a new label
(c) I haven't heard any mention of the single on TV or radio at all
(d) 'Billiam' is a really crap name

It seems that supporting Westlife on tour and doing loads of club PAs really can pay off. Oh, and getting your kits off for the gay mags.

Here's Billiam's video:

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