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Tragedies? We got 'em....

The Premier League season has started and Aston Villa swung into action on Saturday embarrassing own goal and a defeat at home to Liverpool. Start as you mean to go on lads, why don't you?

After one match for each team, Villa sit at 14th in the almost meaningless Premier League table, helped largely by alphabetical order. (Fulham, Middlesbrough and Wigan are 15th, 16th and 17th respectively, although they all lost 2-1, like Villa.)

Enough of the real world. Chig has also signed up for the official fantasy league this season. My team is in a league of Eurovision fans. Yes, in a shocking breaking down of stereotypes, there are at least thirty people in the world interested enough in Eurovision and English football to play along. Along with fans in the UK, our league includes people in the USA, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Kazakhstan and (quite possibly) Estonia and Turkey. How fabulous!

Our league, hosted by a guy in the States (thanks Darrell!), is called Salvem el Gol, which gives a nod to Andorra's Eurovision entry from earlier this year. I have named my team Lanto Silva United, in homage to an entrant in Portugal's Festival da Canção in 1966.

Well, that's what I told the Eurovision listers, at least. It may not be true. Can you work out the real inspiration?

After all the weekend's Premier League games were completed, I checked our Salvem el Gol league table, and guess what? Chig's team is proudly sitting somewhere with real Eurovision significance.

Rock bottom.

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