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They're on Maltese TV again!

My Brum chums the Schlagerboys are touring Malta, funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office*, to thank the country for the UK's 12 points in Eurovision this year (which the boys themselves achieved). It was Russ Scooch's idea, the day after Eurovision, to reward Malta by UKers going there on holiday. The Schlagerboys have taken him at his word. They are doing this by investing heavily in the island's economy (vodka bars) and clearing dancefloors with their overly expressive fan-dance routines. (I heartily recommend reading about their week. It's hilarious.)

They've been stalking Chiara and Olivia Lewis, leaving gigs early for reasons best known to themselves and even been recognised, following their appearance on Maltese programme Xarabank, which was live from Helsinki in May. I just love this bit from their blog, about Chiara's hotel gig:

We finally got “Angel” at about 11:00. There was a fab bit when the Maltese family on the table next to us joined us in singing the chorus. The man said “Eurovision Chiara!” and we said something like “We love Chiara. We love Maltese Eurovision songs”, to which the woman replied “We know; we watched you on Xarabank!”
How utterly fabulous! Boys, you are national heroes! In both countries!

Tonight, they're live on Maltese TV show Pjazz! We can watch it here at 20:30 CET (or 20:40), just before watching annoying Tracey and dull Kara-Louise being evicted from Big Brother. Hurrah!

* The funding bit's not true, but it damn well should be.

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