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Sob, sob, hurrah!

The self-proclaimed "most best-known Greek in the UK" is back on the streets.

No, it's Gerasimos Vallerio Stergiopoulos. Gerry and Carole were conclusive proof tonight, by getting the most votes this week, that it's the last 48 hours which dictate who gets evicted from Big Brother. It doesn't matter how good you've been for the last eleven weeks (and Gerry has been my favourite since he entered the house), but if the editing of the Thursday highlights programme makes you look like an arse, you're out. In that respect, Carole and Gerry only have themselves to blame, as last night's programme was all about food, the shopping list, Carole crying and Gerry being argumentative.

It's a damn shame he's out, on only 24% of the vote. (Carole had 49%, and has caused the housemates to have a basic food budget next week, and yet she stays. It's so unfair.) I haven't felt this gutted about a BB eviction for four years, since this night, four years ago, when the lovely Scott left BB4.

Look out gay London - Gerry's back on the market! (Just in time for Soho Pride on Sunday!)

UPDATE: My favourite single camera shot of this whole series so far was the shot of Gerry dancing and looking up at the camera, with his hair greyed for the soap opera task. He looked so happy. It was a brilliant shot. But tonight, they didn't even show it in his best bits! Shocking.


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