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Happy India Day!

It's nice to see the Big Brother housemates (unknowingly) getting into the Indian theme of today's anniversary by dressing as swamis. (I did warn you that the India coverage here today might be tenuous, and so it is, but here's a picture from the BBC.)

Which brings us to the Big Question of today: has Gerry blown it? Will he be out on Friday? I think he's undone all of his good works of the last eleven weeks by turning into a moody moaner and admitting to the housemates, because of the lie detector, that he has lied about his age. (We knew from the start that he was 31 but only admitting to 29.) But will it be Jonty and Kara-Louise who get the most eviction votes and then face the gurus to decide who goes? Somehow, I think not. The public won't actively vote to evict the less interesting latecomers. I think they'll go for Gerry.

78 days gone and only 16 days left for them to find the washing machine. The manufacturers who donated it must be furious at the lack of exposure.

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