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Happy 60th Birthday, Pakistan!

As we have one person of Pakistani descent in our office and one of Indian descent, with the two countries' big anniversaries coming up today and tomorrow, Chig playfully suggested last week that it might be a good idea if said colleagues each brought in some food as a celebration. This was a blatant attempt to have some good, authentically ethnic nosh for free in the office, but it was hailed as a good idea all round.

A shame then that my colleague of Pakistani descent forgot all about it and only realised this morning that it was Pakistan's 60th birthday. Also a shame that my colleague of Indian descent has taken tomorrow (the official 60th anniversary of India's independence and partition) as holiday.

Still, I did have a curry tonight. Does that count as marking the occasion? It was in the unlikely location of a corporate box at the ground of our third best local football team, shortly before watching them (West Bromwich Albion) beat Bournemouth AFC 1-0 in the third round of the Carling Cup. It was a dull game, in which neither team really seemed to be trying until the last ten minutes, but the goal was one of the best placed, nearly-impossible efforts I've ever seen.

So, why was I in a corporate box for free, being fed, watching two teams I care little about, on a Tuesday evening? All will be revealed at the weekend, when I'll be back there...

In the meantime, we'll be back with something irrelevant to India's big day tomorrow, and on Thursday we'll be asking where you were exactly 30 years ago, when Elvis Presley died. Like it or not, Chig will reveal where he was. It's not that interesting and won't take very long, but these morbid anniversaries are there to be 'celebrated' and Elvis does have two singles out this week. And a lovely box.

Pakistan photo from BBC News website.

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