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Occasionally in life, one has to make sacrifices in order to help a friend in need. So on Friday, when I received a call from my friend at The Nightingale Club, saying that they needed someone to come and photograph some real life firefighters who would be wrestling in oil on stage on Saturday night, I selflessly shelved my plans for the night, which involved a pizza and my television, and agreed to help them out. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it, and it was for charity. While I was there, we decided I might as well photograph their Wet'n'Wild competition afterwards, which is basically an amateur strip competition with the added gimmick of a shower on stage (with real, wet water). It's a cross I was prepared to bear.

So, last night, I forced myself to take 971 photos, of scenes like this:

And then this. He won the Wet'n'Wild competition (easily and deservedly):

Later on, some of the punters forced themselves in front of my camera lens, snatched a business card off me and made me put their number into my mobile. Like him:

More of the photos will be coming soon to a magazine near you (if you live in the Midlands) and The Nightingale's website. This photography thing is a tough gig, but I'm learning to cope with it.

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