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He does like Charley charlie after all

After leaving the Big Brother house in the middle of the week when his grandma died, Jonathan's week goes from bad to worse in today's News Of The World. Leaving aside the usual NOTW hyperbole, there's obviously a real story in there. Why does anyone who goes into the Big Brother house think that these stories won't be raked up? The answer is surely that they don't. Anyone as intelligent as Jonathan knows exactly what will happen, which leads me to the conclusion that this is self-induced, as he implies. He hopes this is a first step towards therapy and recovery.

I'm missing Jonathan's wit in the BB house, especially the way he was able to insult the horrid Charley directly to her face, but she was too thick to realise. There were some excellent moments between them. He'll be missed, but it's obviously for the best that he left, for him and his family. I hope he manages to sort his life out soon.

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