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Everybody Loves Kalvin

The guy on the left is called Kalvin. I've known him for years as one of the dancers at the Nightingale club here in Birmingham. He's a brilliant, energetic dancer (as is Andy, on the right of the photo, which I took at Birmingham's LGB Ball in March this year). Kalvin's also an adorably sweet, lovely, enthusiastic guy (as well as being rather beautiful). Imagine my surprise as I kept half an eye on DanceX on BBC One tonight. Kalvin is one of the sixteen finalists. Hurrah!

Go Kalvin! Birmingham will be with you all the way.

UPDATE: Kalvin made it through tonight's 'final audition' programme and was picked, tantalisingly, as the third and last of Arlene's three men. He now becomes part of her team in the dance-offs from next week against Bruno's team.

And to think, I wasn't going to watch this series at all.

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