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Chiggy lives on

...but did you see ZiggyZak's face when he realised that he'd have to spend at least another week with Chanelle? Priceless. The tabloids will get to use the name they stole from me for the Chanelle/Ziggy coupling for another seven days, at least. 68% voted to evict Laura, with 32% for Chanelle. Laura spent 52.6% of her time in the house in bed. Did she really think she could go any further by not doing anything?

The twist at the end was pure genius. It's fake week, with a fake contestant, supposedly from BB Australia, entering on Sunday. She's really an English actress. I was completely fooled, as was the Aussie comedian on BBBM tonight. There will be a fake eviction next week, as the housemates get to watch the eviction interview and the poor evictee is immediately put back in. Brilliant.


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