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Big Brother quotes of the day

1) "I'm not gonna get booed." - Laura.

Well no, at least not until the moment you leave the house, you smug, lazy, bitchy stirrer.

2) Dermot: "Midlife crisis, or not?"
Jonathan: "It’s my third."

Dermot questions the sadly departed Jonathan on BBLB, on his motivation for joining the madness in the first place.

3) "I wouldn’t imagine anyone over 34 would want to watch Big Brother."
Davina McCall, Question Time, BBC One.

Davina, I feel alienated.

So, who's going tomorrow? The bookies reckon that Laura is a dead cert for eviction, at 1-33. I hope they're right. Despite Chanelle's pathetic whinging at times, and her blatant attempts to act out the role of last year's Nicki in the diary room, she's basically a decent person. The voting public has already made the wrong decision once this year, by voting out Seany, and there's been a habit of splitting up couples in the past via the eviction vote, so Chanelle may not be as safe as the bookies say.

I don't think I've ever changed my opinion of a BB contestant as much as I have over Laura. On opening night, based on first impressions, she was my winner. She seemed good fun, with the right attitude. But the mask has slipped. She fanned the flames of the racism row, prior to Emily being thrown out, because she couldn't resist dropping unsubtle hints to the others about it, and the way she lectures the housemates from under her duvet and looks miserable most of the time is now really boring me. She has no time to even listen to other people's opinions (just like the detestable Charley) and has a really nasty streak to her as well. She even had the cheek to announce, when it was revealed that she was up for eviction, that she would walk if she were up for eviction. (She was lying, of course.) It was as if she genuinely believes that the housemates shouldn't be able to contemplate nominating her. The arrogance! Let's get her out.

Glyn was a great ambassador for Wales last year. Laura is in danger of undoing all his good work.

What do you think?

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