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And good riddance to you too...

The whining limpet has finally stopped demanding all of Big Brother's attention and has left the BB house. About time too. I know ZiggyZak has shamelessly turned hot and cold on Chanelle whenever it suited him, but blimey, had she become difficult to deal with. It's a real irony that Chanelle has left now, just when the eviction of Charley should have made her life so much easier, but she only has herself to blame. She was second or third favourite with the public for most of the run, but Chanelle was stupid enough to believe Charley's lies and convinced herself that she would be booed. It was in danger of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, with her whining and attention-seeking in the last few days. I really liked her at first, but she blew it, the silly thing and now I'm glad she's gone - and ZiggyZak will be too.

I think we've now reached a record number of people - four - who have left the BB house without being evicted. Emily, Lesley, Jonathan and Chanelle have all left for other reasons, almost keeping pace with the number of evictions, which reached only six on Friday. Twenty-three people (and one dog*) have entered the show so far this year.

Last night, the halfway housemates, who have been able to watch the show earlier in the run, all attended a party in the main house. So, did any of them point out the hidden washing machine?

*That's Molly, not a really obvious comment on Charley.

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