World of Chig   

Zig-a-zig aaaaahh

Dateline: 1999.
Location: The offices of Global Talent Records.

Northern Line's manager: Okay lads, here's the plan. Three hit singles should do it. Andy, as you're in Birmingham, work on that Chig chappy. He'll probably buy them all, some in both versions, including the ones with the free postcards, which he'll probably scan in 2007...

Then one of you can go out with Kerry Katona...

Dan: Kerry who?

Manager: Trust me Dan. You'll get a successful modelling career out of it as well.

Zak: And what will I do boss?

Manager: Oh, you'll have a brief fling with Suzanne Shaw and in eight years' time, you'll be the only man in the Big Brother house.

Zak: Big what?

Manager: Trust me Zak. But you'd better change your name. Ziggy should do it.

Northern Line: It'll never work.

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