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As I sit here tonight, watching a Jeep in the doorway of Glasgow airport burning endlessly on looped mobile phone footage on BBC News 24, one very significant thing occurs to me. Ever since the devastation caused on 07/07/05 in London, the three other attempts at terrorism which have surfaced have all failed spectacularly. A whole bunch of rucksack bombs which didn’t go off, two car bombs which also failed to ignite, despite the best efforts of clampers, and now a suicide car bomb without the suicide. Either Allah has run out of virgins on the other side, or we must face the conclusion that our home-grown terrorists are a bit rubbish. Normally this kind of ineptitude would be celebrated and bemoaned in equal measure by the press. How wonderfully British.

So, who’s training them? They are poorly prepared and when it comes to the big day, they fail spectacularly. I suspect they are being trained by the same people responsible for our tennis players.


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